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Numerology/Astrology for 5/8/19

5/8/19 is the number 7. Learning boundaries is always a challenge. Learning that love is often establishing boundaries is a big piece in growing up. Love tends to want to override that essential lesson of boundaries. Love makes you stretch out of your more comfortable norms. But love that is not reciprocated does not deserve that entitlement. That is where learning that infatuation is boundary-less and real love is respectful and honoring of boundaries becomes important. Sometimes you have to listen to your inner self and recognize where someone or some situation is exhausting you. In that moment, you have to learn to step back and draw a line. People will take everything that you have to give and the younger the soul, the more desperate they are to grab life force energy because they do not know how to cultivate it themselves. Learn to stand on your own two feet. Learn to cultivate the divine force that animates your body. Take responsibility for your actions. Move with integrity in all your choices. And recognize that no one can save you from your own karmic journey but you.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today


The Moon is in the tranquil and homey sign of Cancer. Let yourself be gentle. Use this  calmer moment and let your strength return. Do what is familiar and comfortable. You need a moment to regroup.

Wednesday morning when Mercury conjuncts with Uranus. This aspect opens you to inventive ideas. Just watch out for impatient drivers. You are determined and on task. Your communication is flexible and authentic. Your logic has a thoughtful side and you follow the proper way to do things. Let this aspect bring you more innovative ideas and then implement them.

The Moon sextile Mercury in Taurus giving you more independence and rapid perception. Be practical but open-minded. Know that your judgment is sound.

The evening is much quieter, and great for sharing a meal with those people who are in your inner circle. The Sun sextile Neptune and your creativity and knowledge moves in the direction of creating a peaceful and musical mood.

You are no longer content with your old ideas. While repetition is comforting it is not longer progressive enough. Things are getting stirred up. You may shock others with your new boundaries. And that would be a good thing.

If today’s energy is not channeled in a grounded way you will feel more nervous and impulsive. Stay grounded. Keep a calm head and know that you have to do what will give you the best opportunity for outcomes that align with your highest goals.

Look for inspiration and be open to see new things with an unbiased eye.

If you work the energy today well, you may have a few serendipity moments. You can fell in sync with the universe and at one with the divine that moves through all things. It is a great time to do self-improvement things.

~Suzanne Wagner~


If you know when to walk away… you are wise.
If you are able to walk away…. You are courageous.
If you can do both of those with
confidence, compassion, and calmness…..
you are dignified.
~Suzanne Wagner~





Own your own gifts.
But take responsibility for your actions.
You must learn how to live here in this world.
You cannot expect others to carry you.
That is not what the lessons are about in this reality.
This is the domain of accountability and responsibility.
This is the dimension of karma and consequence.
Most of us will not learn without these global rules in place.
We cannot transcend suffering until we recognize how we create it.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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