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Numerology/Astrology for 3/14/19


3/14/19 is the number 11. Use this discernment number to be judicious with your words and voice. The mind wants to understand and to do that it tends to tear things apart in order to understand them. Today, be diplomatic and balanced in your opinions. When dilemmas happen, stay calm, look at all the sides and options. Be adaptable, cautious, and don’t jump to conclusions. Being inflammatory is easy but being a peacemaker is difficult. Be resolute with your decisions and choices. Take responsibility for your life and you will find that life will move more fluidly. Avoidance creates circumstances getting more complicated and no one really wants that.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today


Thursday is the halfway point of the Mercury retrograde cycle (March 5-28). For the rest of March, begin working on new and incoming projects, but do not carve them in stone until we get out of the shadow of Mercury retrograde in mid-April. Because with Uranus in Taurus, expect the unexpected.

The Mars-Saturn trine is perfect and it asks you to focus your energy on the practical and more traditional ways to get things done. While it might seem slower, it is important that you are thorough.

The Mercury retrograde motion will align with the Sun and form a trine to the North Node. This brings more illumination to your thoughts and actions. Take a look at the past events and bring new ideas in how to connect with others. This aspect gives you a way to see past situations from a different perspective and thus giving you a potentially new understanding also. Know that words today have a greater impact for better or worse. So choose wisely.

You have a doorway to explore new ideas and hopefully ones that change your trajectory in the future. Your past is coming up for you to inspect and understand. You notice that your inner world and your outer expressions have not always aligned. There is so much changing in the inner into the outer that you might want to take notes. Things happening are not insignificant.

Make sure all outgoing communications are clear and concise.

~Suzanne Wagner~



Simple things
become complicated
when you lie.
Fools make things
complicated so
they can feel smart.

~Suzanne Wagner~







When you hand good people options,
they can do great things.
When you hand wounded people options,
they may do something of value.
When you hand people in denial options,
they will make you wrong and blame you
for their actions, decisions, and choices.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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