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Numerology for 2018 – The Number 11

2018 is the number 11 and this number is not about balance, it is about risk. It is about leaping beyond your mind’s fears and limitations. The number 11 is associated with Leonardo da Vinci. And he was as big of a risk taker and innovator as anyone. He was a synthesizer of massive amounts of information and from gathering up all of that knowledge he knew how to leap beyond the known into the unknown and untapped potential within his own mind and within science. But to make calculated leaps of faith and to risk in such a huge way, you must gather up as much information as is possible to make (as Spock would say), “The best guess possible!”

The number eleven is a mastery number. It is the number of transcendence. It is about visionaries who want to dream the dream awake. It is the energy of the empowered global visionary, freedom, and the bridge between realities connecting heaven to earth.

The “eleven” is the number of risk taking and choosing to become more than you believe is possible.

It is the energy of the writer, humanitarian, and the power to break free of social constraints and beliefs. It is the number of the philosopher, wanderer, and spiritual seeker.

In the oldest Tarot decks the 11th card in the Trumps was the Tower (the energy that breaks down the illusions of the mind and forces you to grow and change).

Leonardo da Vinci is the archetype of the eleven because he was so expanded in his visions. He was inventive and creative, yet he was a procrastinator and tested the edges of social conduct.

Eleven was the number of the Disciples of Jesus, after the fall of Judas Iscariot.

In the positive, the number eleven is inventive, philosophical, meditative, self-actualized, and understands the dance of life that moves naturally between light and shadow. It is willing to take risks and to challenge preconceived notions and beliefs to uncover the truth.

In the negative, the number eleven is a rebel and can be addictive, escapist-oriented, aligned with shadow and the darker elements in life. The eleven can be inconsistent and irresponsible. It wants the world to revolve around it.

Number 11 – Planet Pluto – Astrological Sign of Scorpio

The Planet Pluto is the indicator of death, rebirth, transformation, and karma. Pluto reflects where life is complicated and brings hidden things from their subconscious to their awareness. Sometimes this can happen quite suddenly and dramatically. This energy may want to destroy or create new things. Pluto is a turbulent and uncontrollable energy. If one is not careful this energy can turn cruel, sadistic, treacherous, or secretive. Pluto can draw them into the darker aspects of the world such as: drugs, alcohol, dangerous situations, etc. With the energy of the Number 11 and Pluto, you may want to let go of the old and find new and exciting perspective. Often, you are inspired to take a risk to have this new experience. This causes the Number 11 to be intense, complicated, and deeply philosophical. Scorpio is the sign of the high idealists. The energy of Scorpio is an indicator of the thinkers of the future. The eleven energy is very intuitive and often sees things before they happen. Others may see this characteristic as dark and dangerous. but change is critical for growth. The Number 11 energy is always penetrating and seeking more awareness from its environment. To some, this energy can be frightening. It is important for a Number 11 to find a positive expression of this intensity or that energy turns inward and can become judgmental and destructive.  The lesson of Pluto is to let go of past perceptions that have limited your experience of reality and to move beyond judgment into knowing that everything is possible. Pluto shows where you are dying inside and in a moment of surprise, it opens you to possibilities you probably have only dreamed.

Lesson of Pluto, Scorpio, and the Number 11

Be careful of the labels and personal perceptions you put on another’s process.

Know that you are not having their experience and sometimes the thing that seems most horrible to you is the change and transformation that you have been waiting for.

 Number 11     Leonardo da Vinci
(Seeker of Transcendence and Vision)

Leonardo was considered brilliant because he was fascinated by so many things. He was a painter, anatomist, engineer, and creative thinker.   To him all of these things were connected.  He studied anatomy in order to paint the human body.  He watched the flight of birds and then studied their anatomy to design flying machines.  To him all of these different things were interconnected.  He was known as a procrastinator, but only because there were so many things to do and so little time to get all of them done.  His visions drove him to greatness and power.  His creative genius transformed the world as we know it.  He created ways for mankind to find freedom and to do things better.

Such is the situation of people with the number 11.  You want to dream big and are challenged to find a way for your dreams to be heard and understood.  This year you will feel a type of chaos in your life as there are so many things to do.  You may feel like you know a lot about a lot of things but feel the master of none. Expect to be easily distracted.  But that also brings a type of inventiveness. Just be careful that you put into action what you have learned. Be hyper aware of the tendency to procrastinate as it will frustrate those around you.  You may have a hard time making decisions. Be hyper aware of if you begin to over-analyze.  Don’t become internalized and emotionally distant from others.  You need to learn to work though the internal chaos and find a way through the maze of life and manifest your dreams and visions. This is a struggle so don’t get stuck in the emotional density of the physical plane.  Use your dreams but make them manifest in the physical world.

Positive Aspects

The positive aspects of the number 11 are that it is about connecting to your inner  visionaries and dreamers. It is time to think way outside the narrow consciousness of humanity.  Become the generator of new ideas, though they may need others help to make those dreams into reality. Become the humanitarian and help the planet. This is the time to become environmentally conscious.  Try a little bit of everything in order to get to your goal.  This is an excellent time to meditate and to seek your own inner wisdom.

Negative Aspects

The negative aspects of the number 11 is that you could have your heads in the clouds and procrastinate to the point of never getting anything accomplished.  Notice if you are being intolerant when someone tries to pull you back into the reality. Make sure your financial decisions do not put you at risk.  Notice if you are being self-deceptive, if you are making up stories, or avoiding being told the truth. This number is prone to drug abuse, alcoholism, eating disorders, and stress related problems. So be more mindful and cautious in those areas. If the number 11 collapses into the number 2, you can become deeply withdrawn and emotionally unstable.  Then you will try to bolster your position with information that backs up what your ego and mind want to believe.

Body Aspect of the Number 11 –  Spiritual Body

The Body aspect of the number 11 is the spiritual body, because with all the dreaming, your intention is to open your crown chakra and find the direct connection to the universal flow. You want to find out how to create freedom and expansion while in the physical body.  All forms of meditation are helpful to the number 11.  They lesson to learn is that no other person can totally fulfill you.  You are the only one who can find the door and open it to the light you hold inside.

The 11 is called a Mastery Destiny.  This sounds wonderful to have and it is magnificent when it is utilized properly.  The challenge is that it is a tremendous amount of energy with which to deal and this energy is constantly changing its mind and perspective.  Learning how to ground this huge expanded life force is important for anyone who has it.  See this energy like a Raku pot. Raku pottery is a form of Japanese pottery that has a fractured glaze.  This glaze reflects the light in beautiful patterns but is delicate and breakable, much like the number 11.  This energy is something you put on the table as a centerpiece and marvel at its beauty.  It is glorious and delicate all at the same time.  You can have challenges in addictive behaviors such as: drinking, drugs, escapism, and avoidance.  Yet, when this number is ‘on’, it gives a very rare and unique quality that is unforgettable. The light that shines from within becomes noticeable to everyone. You will have moments when you are bright and amazing to speak with. You  can give the most memorable performance of your life and inspire others to greatness.  But be careful of being pulled under by manic behavior and the need for constant movement and change. Expect moments of extreme clarity but in the next moment you may feel lost and have trouble finding your way back to reality. Grounding is essential for effective movement of this energy; even the highest form of Eleven will have had great challenges and somehow managed to pull all those experiences into wisdom and clarity. The high Eleven will be interesting to speak with philosophically and will be taking higher principals into their day-to-day life.  The number 11 loves to travel and see the world.  It wants a more adventurous and playful life. But you need to find the way to balance all this powerful energy.

This eleven can turn into a number 2. This will make people cranky and difficult to deal with. The eleven is a mastery number and it is important to support everyone in going for their dream. This is a moment to find a vision for your personal mission in this life and go for it. Eleven is about inspiration. This number has a great deal of tension and power.  If the person does not cope well with the 11, it becomes a 2. Ideally, it is a time to explore mysticism, trust your intuition, seek an inner vision, have faith, live humbly in the limelight, and inspire others.

Negative Aspects

The number 11 11 when it is pulled into a negative position can be like Edgar Allen Poe with his deep dark addiction and miserable death process.  If the manic behavior of the 11 is not put in check then they fall deeper and deeper into illusion as they are unable to cope with the reality in which they find themselves.  This type of 11 has actually moved into the 2 and has become the negative mind where life seems hopeless and miserable.
~Suzanne Wagner – Excerpts  from her book, Integral Numerology~

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