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Numerology for 2019 – The Number 3

As we enter into the odd year of 2019, I wanted to start with the Numerology for this year. When you add it all together you get the number 12. When you add the 1 + 2 = 3. This is a year that will feel like a Mr. Mouse’s Wild Ride. Therefore, buckle-up Buttercups and hang on because this is a year for the unexpected. If you wanted change you are going to get it in spades.
While the intensity of this year is obvious, it also comes with a dose of deep insecurity and self-doubt. Look to what is personally happening in your life to get a closer understanding of what you have either been dealing with or avoiding. Since you are on a wild ride, you will not be able to shut yourself off from very difficult moments. Still, don’t fixate on them either. This is a year where circumstance that have been hiding in shadows are fully illuminated. Only when you can see what is lurking where you did not want to look can you invite a new way to see things and solve current problems.

This is a bold year and things are going to change rapidly so you have to move in the moment with each new piece of additional information. That is a very positive thought in my book.
Know that regardless of how prepared you think you are, you aren’t. And rather than beat yourself up for not seeing something coming, know that you are going to have to spontaneously respond in each authentic moment.

In the Chinese New Year, we are going into the Female Earth Pig. Which is all about farmland and flooding. You can already see the focus that our farming areas are feeling the pinch at this moment. And with all the weather changes I expect flooding, storms, tornados, and hurricanes. Big ones. Bigger than anything we have ever seen. The weather is definitely going to be telling us how Mother Earth feels about our choices and past patterns. I think doing a ceremony for the earth as part of a New Year’s ritual is a very good idea. You want the Divine Mother Earth on your side. Acknowledging her and giving offerings to the earth and her children is a great way to start.

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