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 Numerology Numerology/Astrology for 6/23/17
6/23/17 is the number 3. It is difficult sometimes to reframe the negative to the positive. There are always karmic patterns that are being worked through and are designed to impact certain people so they wake up. In life, there is often real resistance to change. To change you must recognize that there are other and better options available to you. To change you must recognize where you are making choices that go against the greater good and your own real interests. To change you must recognize that you are allowing others to pull your strings and that you have become a puppet not an independent thinker. Each of us must change on a daily basis. Each of us must take responsibility for how our choices either positively or negatively impact others. The intent of those choice is critical for knowing if you are creating and generating karma. Your intention is everything in certain moments. You can feel the wide ride that life is taking you on. But you have choices at each and every moment to allow the negative to grow or to allow the positive to thrive.
The New Moon is on Friday the 23rd at 7:31 PM PDT (3 degrees Cancer). Five of the ten planets we use in astrology are in the water element, and that means emotions are heightened. Cancer is the sign of nurturing on the worldly level, and nourishing the spirit on the spiritual level. The action signs of Caner, Capricorn, Libra and Aries are also emphasized, so the pace is going to pick up considerably now. Of course, Cancer likes to spend time with loved ones, fix up the house, or share a meal with people who are in their inner circle. Action planet Mars is making a better harmony with spiritual Neptune, making this a perfect time to spend time on your higher purpose. And that can be a simple as taking a quiet walk in peaceful woods or on a secluded beach. Put constructive action into that which nourishes your spirit. Because assertive Mars is also making a challenge to god of abundance Jupiter, you benefit by taking action towards your next goal. Just get something started and don’t feel you need to complete it right now because there are plenty of other distractions right now. For example, Jupiter is associated with the publishing business and long distance travel. You could create the outline for the book you want to write or begin to research your next world trip. That way, when you are ready to seriously get started, you will already have the early steps established. On another level, this new moon helps you have those emotional conversations that take you to a deeper level and/or require you to go to a vulnerable place within. The Moon’s opposition to Saturn this morning can leave you feeling inhibited or criticized. However, you might learn from negative reviews coming in by choosing to take the lessons from them and discard the negative. It is time to reflect, review, and wind down. The New Moon occurs in the sign of Cancer at 10:32 PM, marking the beginning of a new cycle. This is a time for committing to goals that honor your deepest, most intimate feelings and to recognize the sense of security and safety you derive from whatever it is we call home. It’s also a time for allowing yourself to accept support and offering support to others, and for starting a major long-term venture or a project aimed at improving your domestic lives. With this potent Cancer energy, there is an opportunity to make significant changes in your life that will benefit you well beyond this Moon cycle. You are feeling particularly alert and observant, ready to put plans in action. This is a particularly creative and magical New Moon as it occurs around the same time as two significant and powerful trines: Venus trine Pluto and Mars trine Neptune. In fact, you are moving towards a Venus-Pluto trine today, exact tomorrow morning, and the need to share or enjoy life on deeper levels is strong now. A spiritual regeneration through love is possible.
~Suzanne Wagner~
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