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Quote for the Day:


Truth is something that young, small, minds cannot fully comprehend.
It causes confusion as their own delusions are revealed.
It creates a moment when a soul must choose.
To either continue to be a perpetrator of karma and suffering,
And taste the bitterness of their own hate and anger,
Or to reach towards redemption for the suffering that they have already caused,
By allowing the painful reality of truth to change their very soul.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Numerology and Astrology

Numerology/Astrology for 4/13/18
4/13/18 is the number 10. It is amazing how quickly things shift and change. It is amazing how the numerological transitions (which used to be subtle) are anything but subtle. Between the astrology and the numerology this day is a bit combustive and with such intensity I do expect some people that are emotionally and energetically on the edge to have a much harder time. Use your power wisely. Use your power from the place of heart and deep spiritual connection to this world and the directions that serve all of life. The expression of power without any concept of the impact of your words only adds to the suffering.

Astrology Today.
Within this next week I do expect some eruptions and upsets to attempt to strip sanity from your tenuous grounding. There just continues to be so many things that continue to tear away at the fabric of illusions that you have been using to operate within normalcy. But the brokenness of the systems, governments, and global finances will continue to shock everyone out of the places that their conscientious has been hiding. It just seems that the unpleasantness must continue and as such do your best to not provoke people any further. Tempers are going to explode but just try to not be the one lighting the match. It is your personal center and how you learn to hold your own energy that will either help others emotionally or escalate things further. The Moon transits Pisces all of today until the very end of this very long day. A Moon in Pisces is especially emotional and that is why staying on top of personal self-awareness and truth telling at least inside is important. You probably should not tell those blunt awareness’s to others. Let’s just keep that our little secret. But allow the understanding to shape and mold your choices of words and interactions with others. Remember, the motto is: “Do no harm.” The Moon forms a sextile with Pluto and a trine to Jupiter. And they are all moving towards another sextile. You have to have faith first and foremost in yourself. Jupiter and Pluto already did this sextile in January and they will do it again in September. This is creating much needed push that the world needs. That is because that push is in each individual. Humanity broke this world and there is no other way but to take the energy and time to fix it. You have to discover what is your personal motivation and goal. What are you going for in the long run? What are your gifts and how do those gifts presently contribute? You cannot do everything, but you can do you piece in this complex puzzle. It is time to own up to the fact that there are some old problems that have to be solved. None of us can hide our heads in the sand any longer. The universe will always give you resources, people, connections, and money when you understand yourself and what you are here to contribute. The Moon enters Aries just before midnight. So, expect tomorrow for you to want to leap into a new pattern and a new way.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Blog for the Day:

Hang on to joy as if
your life depends on it.
Because it does.
Hold tight to those you love.
Because you never know
when any of us are called home.
Appreciate beauty in all forms.
Because that small light
might be the one thing
that pulls you out of despair.
~Suzanne Wagner~

with Suzanne Wagner

850 E 9400 S, Suite 101, Sandy, UT 84094

Cost $300 per person for the weekend
Does not include food in cost of workshop

January 27-28, 2018
  • Saturday 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
  • Sunday 10:00 am – 6:00 pm



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Numerology Class – Jan 20-21, 2018 – Cost $300

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By Suzanne Wagner

Location: 850 E 9400 S, Suite 101, Sandy, UT 84094
Cost $300 per person for the weekend

Please call Suzanne at 707 354-1019
to register for this class.

April 14-15, 2018

  • Saturday 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
  • Sunday 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

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Heber City, UT

Cost $300 per person for the weekend

April 27-29, 2018

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