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Numerology/Astrology for 9/12/17
9/12/17 is the number 4. Hopefully today each of us can reclaim our inner and outer balance now that we are past the 9/11 remembrances and Hurricane Irma. I am grateful that those moments of stability and grounding come back around just in the right time. This is a number to remind you to build things to last. It is the reminder that creating things from the intention that there can be no weak points is important in life and that solid, organized, and enduring creative processes are essential for long-term success. This is the number of fate. This number is constructive, realistic, and cautious. Always remember to have a dream and then do the work that is required for long-term success.
Tuesday is a good business day when money planet Venus makes harmony with long-term Saturn. Communicate your creative ideas and cooperate with others for ideas that will produce over the long term. The Moon spends the day in Gemini, keeping you on your toes mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. A Mercury-Pluto minor challenging aspect this morning points to second-guessing others and suspicion. Something hidden or disruptive can emerge that changes your view of a situation. As the day progresses, you can tap into a Venus-Saturn trine that’s stabilizing, promoting a realistic and perhaps materialistic view of your relationships. Small advances in business and partnerships come through strengthening and bonding. You value reliability and tradition more than usual. A new sense of responsibility can be experienced in existing friendships. Business sense is good.

~Suzanne Wagner~



Real love is when you love loving.
Real love is not an obligation,
it is just the essential nature
of who you are.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Never stop learning.
Never allow the complacency of the mind to lie to you and say that you are bored.
Boredom is suppression of life-force and a form of inner rage.
You live in an infinite universe.
There is no limitation other than the one you make inside your own mind.
Yes, this world is in a constant state of creation and destruction.
Yes, it can take time to manifest certain dreams as they often have many stages to them that have to be in alignment with a flow within the reality.
But real dreamers know that the process from dream to the creation/completion of that dream are often very wide.
That never stops the real dreamers.
They understand that some of the best dreams take lifetimes to manifest.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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