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Numerology/Astrology for 6/19/17
6/19/17 is the number 8. I wonder what it would take for humanity to not go in circles of repetition? I wonder if it is even possible? It seems that certain lessons are intrinsic for being on this planet and even when one group learns and moves on there are always groups behind that eventually need that same lesson. I believe that is why we find that the numbers repeat and repeat. And the number 8 is the reminder of the infinite loops of consciousness that each person needs to learn in their own way. It is sad that those ways are often about decisions and choices and the suffering and consequences of those choices. But how would we learn to become power creationists if we do not try and fail again and again until we recognize down to the smallest nuance what we must learn to make a creation fit into the greater whole and to be positive rather than destructive? That is a choice that you must make in every moment with calm certainty and clarity.
Venus forms a with quincunx Jupiter this morning, so you might have a hard time deciding what you want. Finding a balance between self-involvement and reliability is going to be on the teeter-totter today. The Moon continues to transit the sign of Aries until 5:53 PM, when it enters Taurus. Emotions settle a little, but you can be a little moody or sensitive. The Sun forms a square with Chiron and Venus gets in between the two bodies, forming a semi-square to each. This is an especially sensitive configuration. This can make you feel restless, uncertain, unappreciated, and perhaps even slighted. Differences between one another seem to loom larger than similarities. You could too easily follow others’ leads due to self-doubt or fear of asserting your own desires, or perhaps in an effort to please them. Alternatively, you might go to great lengths to prove yourself or assert your individuality, when a better approach would be to recognize the feelings of vulnerability that may be stirred by people or circumstances.
~Suzanne Wagner~
“Night is the time when dreams take over
and things you want to hold on to quickly slip away.
Ballets are like dreams.
In both we accept the phantasmagorical as reality.
But the mere fact of a point shoe means reality
is about to be transformed.”

~Allegra Kent~

This is the time of the year of festivals and summer concerts. Take the time to enjoy what is being offered and allow yourself to create experiences that you remember when your old and reflecting on your life. A life without fun is no life. There are so many things that support the cultivation of joy and connection. Do what you can to step away from your phone, your computer, the television, and become a part of a real feeling and connection that can be shared rather than just observed.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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