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Numerology/Astrology for 6/18/17
Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing men in the world who took on the challenge of creating life and committing to the well-being of that life and protecting that life through actions and 6/18/17 is the number 7. The number 7 asks us to find some new ways and strategies to deal with what is happening right now in your life. There are always lessons to be learned and situations to be confronted. Life is always teaching us. When you align with the natural energy from the “real” world rather than the illusionary world you will learn that it is important to be here now. And not just in body but in a fully present way. So many of us live in our own personal bubble. But we do not really know how to confront “real” problems in constructively conscious ways. There are real issues in life that need to be dealt with and those cannot be “glossed” over with our preconceived rules and illusions that we have self-created in order to protect our self. It is time to not just wake up but to also stand up for something that has meaning in the long term and supports the life of this planet and those that you really love. Make your life mean something. Regardless of if anyone knows your name in the history books, do something that you know contributes to the greater good of all life on this planet. And don’t just think about it. Do it and do it consistently. Unraveling dysfunction is never something that is a quick fix or a one-shot deal. It is something that must be worked for, grounded, stabilized, planned, and executed again and again.
Father’s Day is under the influence of an Aries moon, and that supports physical activity like a walk or exercise. It’s a fire sign, so that could indicate a BBQ. On one hand, the Sun is making a friendly relationship to eccentric Uranus urging you to do something out of the norm on Sunday. At the same time, mental Mercury is thinking about all the things you “should” do, but don’t really want to. Keep activities light and friendly, and don’t feel like you need to drag things out. The Moon is in assertive, active Aries all day, and the Sun’s sextile to Uranus is a creative, adaptive, and innovative influence. Embracing new or unfamiliar ideas and seeking out creative solutions to problems under this influence. However, Mercury in Gemini opposes Saturn this afternoon, pointing to some reluctance or blockage related to communications and transportation. Expect to face some criticism or delays. You might feel threatened by unexpected events or challenges to your opinions, ideas, or intelligence. Circumstances are such that you may need to tone down your enthusiasm and think in more practical, realistic terms. Decision-making doesn’t get much easier later today, as alternatives may seem equally attractive, but you feel freer to explore your options.
~Suzanne Wagner~
I am increasingly determined to view the current collective mess as a profound collective healing crisis. And a crucial juncture of every healing crisis is a return to the point of origin that set the illness in motion. Mr. Trump and his cohort of hungry ghosts symbolize both the symptoms and the disease. I’ve often written that they represent the white man’s last stand, and now they have returned to power with a renewed determination to dismantle all the progress the rest of us have made. They are emblematic of what set injustice in motion: a complete ignorance of and disregard for our fundamental interconnectedness. And that ignorance is so undeniable that it has catalyzed vast numbers of previously complacent people into action.

~Ralfee Finn~

The waves of the tsunami’s have come in and the destruction is clear.
But now it is the undertow that you need to fear.
The threat is that you must look to what you cannot see.
It is from underneath that endangers the reality.
There is a big pull that wants to suck you into the past.
To choices and behaviors that would make you aghast.
There are people who feel entitled you see.
Entitled by birth, gender, and culture to be,
Better than others and special in some way.
So that justifies them seeing others as prey.
Power is not learned by bullying those you do not know.
Power is given as a test to show,
It shows how you handle responsibility and trust,
Power teaches you that you must adjust.
But there are those that believe that power is a sword
To be wielded to inflict pain if they are not adored.
If that is the case then the Universe will step in.
And show you through pain, suffering, and chagrin,
Where you got too big for your britches and caused harm.
Where you did not listen to natures gendarme.
The time will come when those in the distorted reality will see
That their choices have created a calamity.
There will be no one to blame but ignorance, illusion, and greed.
And that they used their anger to create a stampede.
Because life and change will not be stopped.
Progress happens and cannot be dropped.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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